The Turf:

Constantine Turf Farm grows only the finest quality 100% Kentucky Bluegrass Sod, grown on 250 acres of mineral soil which is irrigated regularly.

Our Kentucky bluegrass is a unique blend of high quality bluegrasses selected to be heat and drought tolerant and provide for an early green-up in the spring.

Pete Moord, Owner of Constantine Turf Farm

Standard Cut and Big Roll Sizes

Our sod is available in standard cut small rolls of 10 square feet (2ft x 5 ft.)

Each roll weighs between 35 and 40 lbs & has approximately 1/2" of soil with the turfgrass.

We also have sod available in "big roll size" (42" x 72ft.) Each roll covers approximately 250 square feet and weighs 1,000 lbs.

The big roll sod is especially useful for the professional that is establishing sod in large, open spaces or athletic fields. Installing this type of sod does require the use of special equipment, however, and is not suited for small job sites. Please call for current information on Big Roll Sod.

small large
Small Rolls (2ft x 5 ft) Big Rolls (42" x 72ft)